A message for the Fourth of July

Today we celebrate our Independence Day, and this is a time we ought to celebrate. But if we want to continue to celebrate our independence, then we have to acknowledge an inconvenient reality. We are in a rare cycle of four blood moons, each occurring on a feast of the Jewish calendar. God is using signs in the heavens to tell us that something serious is on the way, and the time to get our house in order is now. On the Jewish calendar, next year is also a shemittah year, when debts are cancelled. In the Torah, debts were cancelled every seven years. The previous shemittah years marked historic events in our history. There was the 9/11 attack of 2001 and in 2008 the stock market crashed 777 points. Given what has happened these past shemittah years, it would be wise to be reconciled with God now before the next shemittah year of 2015.

This nation needs to humble itself and seek God for reconciliation while there is still time. When the bricks have fallen, and the sycamores have been cut down as they have in America (Isaiah 9:10), the answer is not to be defiant and rebuild with dressed stones or replace the sycamores with cedars. The answer is repentance. We cannot (and history verifies this) maintain a course of life that is at variance with the Almighty and just expect He will remain aloof. Israel tried a course of defiance, and the result was increasing oppression, injustice and immorality. The nation experienced loss of national power, prestige, and sovereignty; Israel was subjugated by enemy states, and finally exiled. America is not so big and powerful that God cannot humble her the same way. The choice before us is simple: We can learn from history and do the right thing, or we can ignore history and repeat it. If we want to preserve our nation, we must repent.


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